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How Much Should I Walk After a Knee Replacement?

How Much Should I Walk After a Knee Replacement?

Having undergone knee replacement surgery, it’s common to want to get back into things as quickly as possible. Frequent exercise can help you to restore your previous strength and improve any range of motion so that you can return to doing the everyday activities you love so much. If you’re wondering how far to walk after undergoing knee replacement surgery, our guide is here to help you find out!

Recovery timeline

Discharge to 3 weeks post-surgery: Your doctor might encourage you to begin by walking often with your crutches or mobility assistance device while resting with the leg elevated above the heart in order to reduce pain and swelling.

4 to 6 weeks post-surgery: You will likely be able to walk about 10 minutes or further at a given time without your assistive device. A physical therapist might encourage you to walk further distances without assistance.

8 to 12 weeks post-surgery: At this point, you should be able to have the ability to walk several blocks at a given time and might even be able to pick up previous hobbies like cycling and swimming. After 8 weeks, a doctor might permit you to perform more modified activities that involve minimal twisting of the knee, such as yoga, dancing, or golf.

1-year post-surgery: By this time, your knee should have reached its full strength, and you should be able to return to doing most of your normal activities.

 Recommended exercises

Ankle pumps: Ankle pump exercises strengthen and stretch your calf and ankle muscle while also reducing any post-surgery swelling, preventing potential blood clots, and improving circulation.

Heel slides: These engage your gluteal and quadricep muscles, increasing the range of motion to the knee, and improving mobility and flexibility.

Knee extension: Strengthens your quadriceps and improves knee mobility and flexibility.

Leg raises: Strengthens your gluteal muscles in your quad and hip muscles above the knee. This strengthens the muscles that support the knee while you walk.

Quad squeeze: Since your quadricep muscles control and support the mobility in your knee joint, exercises that strengthen these muscles will improve knee function.

 Day’s Mobility

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