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walk in baths and bath aids

A Guide to Walk-in Baths and Bath Aids

Enjoying a long hot soak in the bath is a luxury we don’t often appreciate, until that pleasure is taken away from us.

Getting in and out of the bath may have become a struggle in which case it is time to think about the option of a walk-in bath or bath aid to support you.

There are a variety of options available and what you choose depends on certain factors. That can be the layout of your home, including the location and size of your bathroom. It also depends on your mobility and what would best suit your individual needs.

Bath Lifts and Aids

One option available is a bath lift. A bath lift is a seat or cushion that gently lowers you into the bath and lifts you back out once you’re finished.

This can be the right choice for you if you’re unstable on your feet due to weakness or pain in your legs or back.

A bath lift is super quick and easy to install and is also straightforward to remove and store if you share your household. It’s usually secured to the bottom of the bath using suction feet and operated using a rechargeable battery.


You need to be able to safely lift your legs over the side of the bath while in a seated position and maintain your balance while the lift moves up or down.

The Bathmaster Deltis bath lift enables the user to select a preferred angle to recline as well as a gently contoured seat and backrest for added comfort.

Bath Cushion

Another option is using a bathing cushion. Similar to a bath lift it helps you get in and out of the bath. How it does this is by simply inflating and deflating.

Choosing a bath cushion is great for someone who travels often as it’s compact and lightweight. The inflatable design allows for plenty of room once lowered into the bath.

Both choices are affordable alternatives to making permanent renovations to your bathroom. They are also preferable for people who share their household with other people.

Bath Boards

Where additional support is required a bath board can help. This is a waterproof board that cross the top of the bath (opposite the tap end) to provide a sturdy area to sit. This enables you to support yourself as you lower yourself down onto a lower bath seat.

If you have a shower over the bath this can also double up as a shower seat to support, you while you shower. However, this option does also require you to be able to sit safely and hold your balance while lifting your legs over the side of the bath.

Bath Seats

Often used in combination with a bath board. A bath seat provides a lower sitting position without submerging you completely. They can be used independently, without a bath board, but it does require the strength to push yourself to standing from the seat.

The two can be used together to create yourself a step by step option to full submerge you into the bath. They can then be removed by a carer to allow you to fully stretch out and relax.

Swivel Bath Seats

Where your movement may be slightly more limited, a swivel bath seat offers greater support for transferring your legs over the bath. They do not lower you into the bath.

If lifting your leg is difficult you can combine a swivel bath seat with leg lifters. These are manual straps. You hook your foot into a loop at the bottom and use your arms to pull and lift your leg.

Walk in Baths

For those whose mobility is more limited it’s worth considering a walk-in bath. There are different designs and model available to suit individual needs.

A walk-in bath has a door situated at either the front or the side to enable easy step-in access. The bath is empty when you enter and fills once you are seated. This can result in feeling a bit chilly once the bath drains completely before you can step out.

They are exceptionally easy to use. The water temperature is thermostatically controlled to ensure your safety.

You may be surprised to learn that a walk-in bath can be installed in just one day.

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