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The Importance of Servicing Your Stairlift

The Importance of Servicing Your Stairlift

Maintaining a stairlift:

Servicing is a vital part of a machines upkeep. Stairlifts are made up of moving components that wear over time.  Regular servicing is required to ensure that your stairlift is working as it should. If you’re using a stairlift on a daily basis, it should be regularly serviced.

You will need your stairlift to be 100% reliable, even if your stairlift has been newly installed, it’s a good idea to plan ahead of time. This will ensure your stairlift stays prim and proper for the duration of your use. Stairlifts that are left unserviced can end up running into issues over time. Our engineers carry out a comprehensive check of all electrical and mechanical parts. They will methodically check each component and replace/repair any worn or broken parts. These checks are important as they’ll find any weak or worn components before they cause more issues.

How often do I need to service a stairlift?

How often you service your stairlift will depend on a few things. From how old your stairlift is to how often you use it.  We would recommend that you arrange a stairlift service every 12 months.

Stairlift repair:

Whilst we always recommend servicing to avoid costly repair fee’s, there may be times where a repair is the only option. Our engineers can offer professional repairs for people with older stairlifts. We’ll breathe new life into your existing stairlift making sure it works like new. Whether it’s a worn seat or a worn track, there’s a wide range of repairs our team can carry out.

You can discuss your options with our team over the phone or in our showroom. This will give you a point of contact so that you can talk about the problems you’re having. Our professional team can be at your door, taking a look at your problem. We’ll diagnose your issue and discuss your options there and then. If your stairlift needs replacement parts, we’ll work to get those ordered and fitted in no time.

If you’d like further information on servicing or maintenance contracts we provide please give us a ring 0800 0260 5588.