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Insert Booster Pads


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For Light to Moderate Incontinence, these convenient pads are super absorbent and provide natural odour protection. Attends DeoPlus Insert Pads are designed to be used with washable pouch pants or as a booster pad with other disposable incontinence products.

Fast Absorption

Attends DeoPlus Insert Pads are capable of holding up to 600ml of liquid and help to combat faecal smearing. They work quickly to draw moisture away from your skin, keeping you fresh and dry throughout the day or overnight.

Natural Odour Protection

As soon as light leaks have been absorbed, unwanted odours are locked in and neutralised, giving you peace of mind when you’re on the move.

Non-Woven Back Sheet

Attends insert pads feature a breathable non-woven back sheet designed to promote airflow and reduce the risk of dampness and irritation. When used as a booster pad for heavier incontinence, this back sheet will allow liquid to pass through into the core of your primary pad, rather than spilling over the sides.

  Use as a booster pad for added absorption. The nonwoven back sheet allows liquid to pass through to the primary pad. Inserts are rectangular pads with an absorbent core for improved odour protection and skin dryness. Absorption – 600ml pack 56 Use with Large Shaped Pads, Pull Up Pants & All in Ones

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