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Pull Up Pants


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For Moderate to Heavy Incontinence, these convenient pull-ups provide an ideal incontinence solution for those with an active lifestyle. Lille Healthcare Suprem Pants Maxi have recently been redesigned to offer an improved fit and more breathability, keeping your skin feeling fresher for longer.  They are practical and can be worn like any regular underwear or taken off by tearing the sides. 

High Absorbency Level

Lille Healthcare Suprem pants contain a super absorbent core capable of holding large quantities of liquid. Once absorbed, liquid is evenly distributed throughout the absorbent core, preventing dampness, even under pressure.

Comfortable and Secure

Lille pants have been carefully designed to look and feel like regular underwear. They feature a contoured crotch area with extra lyrca, for a comfortable, secure fit. This helps to protect against leaks and spills.

Kind to Skin

Each pull-up is made from a soft, breathable material, with a fully waterproof central section. This helps to promote airflow throughout the pull-up, preventing dampness and irritation.

Wetness Indicator

A convenient wetness indicator can be found on the underside of the pull-up. This lets you or a carer know when the product is saturated and ready to be removed.

  • Small’ absorption -1900ml Size 60-90cm
  • ‘Medium’ absorption – 1900ml Size 80-110cm
  • ‘Large’ absorption – 1900ml Size 100-135cm
  • ‘X Large’ absorption – 2090ml Size 120-160cm

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