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Wheelchair Belt


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This belt attaches to the side of your wheelchair and fastens in a sturdy push-fit buckle.The Lap Belt is suitable for retrofitting to most manual wheelchairs and foldable powerchairs that have canvas retaining screws. Is it recommended that you check with the manufacturer that lap belts can be fitted to the wheelchair. The lap belt is not suitable for use where canvas retaining screws are not present.It is designed to support the wheelchair user maintain
posture and help to keep the user sat on the wheelchair canvas. The length of the lap belt can be adjusted up to a maximum of 130cm (51”).The lap belt should be adjusted to suit each user.The length of the belt can be adjusted by the tri-glides . The lap belt has a luggage-style large locking clip to fasten and unfasten the lap belt. To fasten the lap belt, push the clip in to the receiver until it locks in the position (which can be heard by an audible click). To unfasten the belt, squeeze the clip and remove from the receiver. When fastened, the lap belt should be tight around the user’s pelvis without causing discomfort or undue pressure. This will help keep the user’s hips and pelvis towards the back of the wheelchair. Use the tri-glides to adjust the length ofthe lap belt. The length of the lap belt should be checked each time the belt is used.Periodically check for signs of wear and tear on the lap belt. These may include damage to the plastic parts or frays and holes in the webbing.The lap belt can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

safety Information

Do not use the lap belt as a seat belt in a motor
vehicle. This can cause serious injury in the
event of a traffic accident

The lap belt may not be suitable for all wheelchair
users. Always seek professional medical advice
before using the lap belt as an aid to posture.

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