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Making your bathroom more accessible

3 Ways To Make Your Bathroom More Accessible

Your bathroom is often one of the smallest rooms in your home but is usually the one that needs you to move around the most. Bathrooms are simply not designed for those with mobility problems, usually because of the size of the room. There are many different products that can easily be installed to transform your bathroom into a more accessible space for you to use.

Walk in Baths

For those whose mobility is more limited, it’s worth considering a walk-in bath. A walk in bath has a door situated at either the front or the side to enable easy step-in access. The bath is empty when you enter and fills once you are seated. They are exceptionally easy to use. The water temperature is thermostatically controlled to ensure your safety.

Bath Lifts

Difficulties getting in and out of the bath are easily overcome by using a bath lift.  A bath lift simply sits in the bath and provides a secure and stable way to get in and out of the bath. Most feature a contoured seat and backrest to give both comfort and support when lowering and reclining. A bath lift is perfect to allow accessibility to those who don’t have a walk in bath or who have a physical disability.

Toilet Grab Rails

Getting on and off a toilet can be a real challenge for wheelchair users and people with reduced body strength. Installing grab rails, such as a fold away grab rail next to a toilet can really help assist when lowering and raising and also provide the comfort of additional safety. If the space in your bathroom doesn’t allow for grab rails to be fixed to the wall, you could also look at the option of a toilet frame. These provide the same support as a support rail but are free standing supports that can be placed over any toilet.

Bathrooms might seem like a difficult environment to make accessible or wheelchair-friendly, but a few small changes and additions can make a huge difference. From bath lifts to grab rails, there are ways to make sure that you can access everything in the bathroom with ease, dignity and safely.

If you need any advice to do with bathroom adaptions or specific bathroom and toilet equipment, please do get in touch with our experts who will be more than happy to talk through your specific requirements.