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Living with Dementia, Lockdown Restrictions Easing

Living with Dementia, Lockdown Restrictions Easing

As restrictions change it can be a confusing time for people with dementia. We’ve put together some advice to help make the most of this time together. Without the stress.

  1. Keep Familiar Routines

Keeping a similar routine, even in the preparation for restrictions easing, is really important for those with dementia. Making subtle changes to this is the best way not to confuse the person.

  1. Introducing Other People

Do this as gradually as possible and try not to introduce people as a ‘one-off’. Be sure not to have large groups of people all at once, limit it to 2 people at a time so that it is less overwhelming.

  1. Consider the Environment

Be conscious of how the individual is likely to be overly sensitive to stimulation. For example, noise and bright lights. Try to travel during day-time hours so they can see their surroundings.

  1. Prioritise Rest Time

Social situations can be particularly draining for people with dementia. It’s important to prioritise time for them to rest, especially if they would normally have day-time naps in their routine.

  1. Limit the Amount of Food

If you’re serving food (al-fresco as per current guidelines), a large plate covered in different food can be very overwhelming. Limit the amount of food on the plate and keep these separate as much as possible.


Living with dementia is a challenge at any time but it is especially difficult when circumstances are constantly changing. It is with great hope that we will not return to these times, however, as restrictions ease it’s crucial to maintain as much consistency as possible.

For more help and advice on dementia care visit https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/get-support/help-dementia-care