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5 Tips for Staying Safe this Winter if you have Limited Mobility

5 Tips for Staying Safe this Winter if you have Limited Mobility

If you are someone who has limited mobility, getting around safely, both indoors and outside, can be a challenge. Add some wintery weather to the mix and getting out and about safely can become very difficult.

With the challenges the winter months brings for anyone with mobility concerns, we have come up with a few easy measures you can take to keep yourselves safe, both indoors and when venturing out and about.

Look after your health

Those who find it harder to get around with mobility issues can be more susceptible to health problems during the winter months, including frostbite and hypothermia. Wearing thin layers of clothing can help to trap body heat which will keep you warmer than wearing just one thick layer of clothing.

Remove any trip or fall hazards

Making sure your home is safe for you to get around by removing anything that could be a hazard to either tripping or falling. Whilst they look nice, rugs in particular are a real hazard when it comes to getting around your home in a safe way, especially if you need to use a walking frame or a walking stick to get around. Removing rugs and making sure there are no other trip or fall objects, such as furniture or electric cables, will help you to stay safe getting around your own home.

Keep your phone with you

This top tip applies to being at home as well as when you are out and about. Always make sure you keep your mobile phone with you at all times. And keep it charged. This means that you will always be able to contact someone should anything happen and you fall either at home or when you are out.

Only go out if you really need to

When the weather is cold and wintery, think about if you really do need to go out and about. Ask family and friends to get some shopping for you or make use of the supermarket delivery options. If you really do have to go out for essential things, like doctors’ appointments, making sure you wear the right clothing and comfortable footwear for the weather is so important in helping to minimise the risk of falling outside.

Use assistive aids

Make getting around easier and safer by using assistive aids, such as mobility scooters, walking frames, and walking sticks. These items will provide you with an essential lifeline in helping you stay safe both at home and when you are out during these winter months.

To view our range of mobility aids, or for any advice and guidance on staying safe either at home or when you are out during these winter months, visit the Days Mobility website or get in touch with our expert team who will be happy to talk you through our full range of products.