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Christmas Gift Ideas for those with Limited Mobility

Christmas Gift Ideas for those with Limited Mobility

It’s often difficult at the best of times to buy friends or family members a good Christmas present. Perhaps you’re one of those people who hate spending money on ‘useless’ gifts that will probably end up unused?

Well, luckily for you we have lots of lovely gift ideas in our showrooms that have the added benefit of being practical as well. Here are some of our favourite products we think will provide someone with a little more independence this Christmas.

The Handi-Grip

Now if you’re looking for something handy and practical that will last a long time, then a Handi Grabber is a great option.

It comes with a 6-month guarantee and would suit anyone who struggles to bend over to pick up dropped items. There are many different variations on the standard – even one with a magnetic tip that can pick up dropped keys, coins, and other metallic objects.

One of these grabbers would be a perfect Christmas present for anyone with limited hand strength. No need to pass the mince pies when you’ve got a handy grabber!

Folding Walking Sticks 

 These Folding Walking Sticks can be used all year round, as they have a heavy-duty rubber ferrule on the end which provides excellent stability and support on most surfaces.

With a  ‘T’ shaped handle for comfort and a wrist cord which is a useful way to make sure you don’t drop it. A lightweight and folding design means that it’s small enough to keep in your bag or car glove compartment for when you need it the most.

This could be just the thing for a loved one who struggles with balance or when walking long distances. Although Christmas could be different this year, getting outside for some fresh air will still be allowed. Hey, your loved one could even use it for that walk after a hearty Christmas dinner!

Comfort Slippers & Booties

There’s nothing quite like sitting in the warm with a nice pair of snuggly slippers keeping your toes toasty. Our Comfort Slippers and Booties are carefully made to give those with swollen feet or ankles a comfortable option.

The material used inside hides the internal seams to reduce rubbing – this can be very important if you have sensitive or vulnerable feet.

Kitchen Grip Set

These jar openers and bottle openers are designed to fit a variety of sizes and provide a firm grip and hold needed to assist in turning the most stubborn of tight screw fit caps and lids.

Assists in opening bottles, jars, and pill containers of all shapes and sizes. The non-slip mat prevents plates, bowls, and crockery from sliding on tables, counters, and trays.

Uccello Tipping Kettle 

A kettle full of boiling water can be a dangerous thing for people who have limited mobility in their hands or wrists. The Uccello Kettle is a wonderful invention as it has assistive technology to make pouring easy.

Everything about this kettle has been thought out from the tapered spout, ergonomically designed handle, and the easy-touch lid.

The 1.5 litre water capacity and anti-scale feature would make this a useful addition to any kitchen and enable you to make that important pot of tea when friends and family visit.

Wheelchair Cosy 

Perfect to keep you warm and cwtched up when you are out and about this winter. It’s waterproofed and lined with luxury fleece. The back panel provides extra warmth and comfort. Designed with an extra-large ring pull zip for easy in and out access.

For more practical gift ideas for your loved ones this Christmas, visit the Days Mobility website or pop into our showroom and chat with our expert team who will be happy to talk you through our full range of products.