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Drinking Aids to Help you Stay Hydrated this Summer

Drinking Aids to Help you Stay Hydrated this Summer

Drinking and good hydration is essential for our overall health and are especially important in the summer months with the hotter weather increasing our risk of dehydration. If you have a health condition, injury or you are recovering from a surgical operation or a hospital stay, and this makes it difficult to use traditional mugs and glasses, maybe you would benefit from using a drinking aid to allow you to keep hydrated easily.

Do you enjoy a cup of tea?

If you love nothing better than a good cup of tea, even in the summer months, but struggle with a normal mug or cup, then an insulated mug would be of benefit to you. Lightweight in design to ensure that it is still easy to be lifted even when full of fluids (or tea!) The large handle is perfect for being able to hold the mug safely and securely allowing you to enjoy a good old cup of tea and keep your hydration levels up in the process.

Staying hydrated when you are in bed

If you are having to spend a lot of time in bed recovering due to an illness or injury, it is very important to keep as hydrated as possible. This may feel like it could be problematic due to not being able to move very much whilst in bed. However, some drinking aids are designed especially for use in bed and make keeping hydrated possible even if you are lying down.

Specialist drinking bottles are designed to be attached to a bed frame and even a wheelchair. They feature a long flexible tube that allows you to take a drink by sucking gently on the mouthpiece. Some even feature clips that can be attached to your clothing to keep the drinking tube close at hand and provide easy access for keeping hydrated.

Why is it important to stay hydrated?

Becoming dehydrated affects our health, quality of life, and wellbeing. Dehydration is a very common cause of hospital admissions and can slow down your recovery time from illness or an injury. Other side effects from dehydration include:

  • An increased risk of infections, such as urinary tract infections.
  • Can worsen the symptoms of other illnesses or conditions.
  • Increases the risk of falling and developing pressure sores.
  • Reduces mental performance in terms of memory, reaction times and increases tiredness.

To view our range of drinking aids and find out further information, you can visit the Days Mobility website or get in touch with our experts who will be happy to talk you through our full range of products.