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Top Tips to Prepare for an Operation Recovery at Home

Top Tips to Prepare for an Operation Recovery at Home

If you are due to have an operation over the coming months, you may be starting to think about your recovery straight after the surgery and also your recovery and recuperation once you get home. This may involve any extra support and assistance you will need when you are home as well as any additional mobility aids to make your recovery period as easy as possible for you.

We have put together some top tips in order to help you plan your recovery time at home and to ensure you stay fit and well during this time.

Keep Mobile

Keeping mobile after an operation is super important, as the more mobile you are the easier your recovery at home will be. If you are struggling with your mobility at home after any type of surgery, investing in a walking aid, such as a walking frame or a walking stick can provide you with the extra stability and reassurance you may need to get around at home safely and to help reduce the risk of falling.

Personal Hygiene is Important

If you are recovering from an operation, you may not feel up to getting yourself washed and dressed each day. You may be experiencing pain and discomfort from the wound area and depending upon the type of dressing you have you may not be able to actually get it wet in the bath or shower for a certain period of time.

Maintaining your personal hygiene is really important, not only to help with your recovery but also from a self-care point of view and to give yourself some much needed TLC. If you are still a little unsteady on your feet from the operation, then a shower stool or bath lift could be beneficial investments to help you get in and out of the bath safely. If your recovery means that you are not able to get in the bath or shower, then products such as waterless shampoos and body washes can be a great way to maintain your personal hygiene.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

It is important to remember if you are struggling in any way with your recovery journey, don’t overdo things. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, you may need to ask family members for support in doing everyday tasks, such as washing, shopping or helping with making meals.

Keep Yourself Occupied

Everyone’s recovery period will be different – some people may recover and feel more like themselves quicker than others. During your recovery time at home, make sure you plan lots of activities to keep yourself and your mind occupied. If there is a TV series you have wanted to watch, or a book you have wanted to read, this is the perfect time.

An overbed table is a great addition if you are still recovering from your operation in bed. It allows you to enjoy meals comfortably from your bed, as well as providing a flat surface for any activities, such as crafting, reading or even a jigsaw puzzle.

To view our range of mobility aids or for any advice and guidance on ensuring your recovery journey can be made as straightforward as possible, you can visit the Days Mobility website or get in touch with our experts who will be happy to talk you through our full range of products.