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choosing the right stairlift for your home

How to Choose the Right Stairlift

While you may be thinking about moving to a single floor property, this can be costly and not to mention daunting leaving behind a home you may have spent many happy years in.

That’s where a stairlift can be a much more cost-effective and comforting solution. There’s still a few things you should consider and so we have put together a useful guide to help you through the process of choosing the right stairlift.


  1. Consider your staircase

There are weight limits for stairlifts and these depend mostly on the type of staircase you have. As a general guideline the upper weight limit for a straight stairlift if 160kg, whereas the limit for a curved staircase is around 136kg. This can be determined more accurately through a site survey.

If you have a straight staircase this is understandably the most straight-forward to install and will usually only take a couple of hours.

A curved staircase will require a curved stairlift but this will be made bespoke and is likely to be slightly more expensive.

Two straight staircases that join with a small landing then you will need a transfer platform stairlift. This would essentially be two straight stairlifts but making sure you can easily make your way from seat to seat.

Narrow stairs can be fitted with two options, a perch stairlift if you’re able to stand but if this isn’t possible then a narrow stairlift would be the best option.

There are also options for outdoor stairs if these are also proving difficult for you to gain entry to your home.

  1. Consider your needs

If making your way up and down stairs is challenging, it’s likely that other movements are also causing you some problems. It’s important to consider your individual needs to ensure you choose a stairlift that both comfortable and practical.

It may be that you find sitting down is uncomfortable and therefore getting up and down from the seat of your stairlift would cause you additional discomfort. The best option for you could be a perch stairlift, which support you just underneath the buttocks.

Rising after sitting down could be a struggle then a powered or active seat could be the right choice for you. This seat will rise gently as you dismount the stairlift to enable you to stand with ease.

The dexterity of your hands could mean that operating a manual swivel level is a great difficulty for you. Most stairlifts are fitted with a manual swivel seat but there is an option for a powered swivel seat with a remote control.

Making a Purchase.

Once you have made the decision that you need a stairlift it’s important to get a site survey from a professional who can fully evaluate your home and your individual needs.

At Day’s Mobilty we can help with this and provide you with a free home visit and quote, just give us a call on 0800 0260 558