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easier travel with a transportable scooter

An easier way to travel – transportable scooters

With travel across the U.K and abroad now returning to a some-what new normal, being concerned about travelling with your electronic scooter should never be a cause for concern. It is simple and easy to take a scooter with you wherever you go with our transportable scooters.

Transportable scooters are not only practical but user friendly, whether you are going on holiday or out and about in your hometown for the day. They are a must have for those who have the passion for a comfortable adventure!

Why are transportable scooters so great?

Transportable scooters are portable, easy to travel with and store! Our transportable scooters are easy to assemble and disassemble as they are made up a total of 5 pieces, making it a quick and simple process when travelling.

At Day’s Mobility, we offer a range of folding, transportable scooters including three and four-wheel folding scooters from a range of brands, including Rascal Mobility and Kymco. With chargeable batteries, a range of styles, colour options and handy built in storage systems, transportable scooters are a great travel accessory whether you are home or abroad!

Make sure that, if you are travelling abroad, you check with your airline provider on the best way to travel with a transportable scooter, whether that is using it as your hand luggage or checking it in!