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Rise and Recline Armchairs

The only way is up (and down!) Our Range of Rise and Recline Armchairs

There is nothing better than being able to kick back and relax watching your favourite show, reading the newspaper or simply sipping away on a delicious cup of tea.

The sofa or armchair you opt to have in your home not only becomes a comfortable space for you to enjoy but as they say, “it’s part of the furniture.” So, when it comes to choosing the perfect reclining chair for your home, we are here to help. 

Comfort is key, which is why we provide armchairs with that put your needs first. We know that when it comes to furniture, appearance and a touch of personality matter which is why we provide a vast range of rising and recline armchairs to support a variety of needs and style preferences.   

Our chairs: 

  • Put comfort first, keeping you safe, supported and happy. 
  • Come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit your home and the level of support you need. 
  • Are fashionable, designed to suit in every home no matter your fashion-tastes. 
  • Are affordable and practical.

Find out more about the chairs we have to offer. 

Ambassador Dual Motor Rise and Recliner Chair 

 We are ambassadors for our Ambassador Rise and Reclining Chair. Why? Because it provides the support you throughout the stages of sitting down, getting up and also keeps you comfortable whilst in the chair. 

Available in 3 different sizes and 8 different fabrics, there is something for every home and everyone! 

Hamble Cosi Chair

Easy to use, comfortable and fashion-forward the Hamble Cosi Chair provides a modern feel whilst being practical. With padded arm construction and a single motor making it easy to recline and raise the chair, the additional support and ease it provides makes it a must-have within your home.   

Heddon Dual Motor Rise and Recliner

Similar in style to the Hamble Cosi Chair, the Heddon Cosi Chair utilises a dual-motor rather than one. The second motor allows the back of the chair to swiftly and smoothly lift and recline. Available in two neutral shades: Latte and Natural, the Heddon is contemporary and modern in appearance. Making it a great option if you’re looking for a discrete, smart design.  

Primacare Brecon Armchair 

Affordable and available for next day delivery this chair is perfect for those in a rush but also looking to purchase an armchair that is high quality and long-lasting. Revolutionary in design the Primacare Brecon Armchair helps aid weight distribution making it more comfortable for you and providing support when and where you need it most. With adjustable cushions, it is the perfect chair for those who require all-over support. 

Lilburn Cosi Chair

Simple, classic and easy to use the Lilburn Cosi Chair allows you to be gently reclined with its single motor. Upholstered with high-quality materials, the Lilburn is soft to the touch and comfortable to use, whilst delivering excellent support. Available for next day delivery, classically designed and neutral in colour, the Lilburn is a living room essential!

View our full range of Rising and Recliner Armchairs.

If you want to discuss your needs and the armchair that is best suited to you and your needs, why don’t you contact us