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Getting you from A to B with ease

Getting you from A to B with ease

Getting from A to B is something we all take for granted until we can no longer do it pain-free and at the speed we would like to get there! We are not all Peter Pan, that is why being able to afford a mobility scooter that can get you where you’re going is essential, which is where we can help!

At Day’s Mobility, we offer a range of mobility scooters to suit all budgets. If you have a scooter you are looking to replace, we will buy your scooter! If you are looking to purchase a second-hand scooter, guess what: we are here to help! If you are looking for a brand-new scooter, we have got you covered!


We sell a range of scooters and powerchairs to suit everybody’s needs. From transportable scooters that fold away to make getting around and storing easy, 4mph scooters that are perfect for journeys 20miles and under or 8 mph scooters that can travel an incredible 35 mile radius, we have something for you.


If you are looking to sell your scooter, no matter the reason, we can buy your scooter from you or part-exchange it if you are looking to upgrade to a new one!


Looking to purchase a second-hand scooter? We offer a large range in our showroom that all come with a warranty, starting from £250! Why not visit us in-store?

If you are looking to part exchange or buy a new or used scooter, contact us.